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To Do List : Tannum Sands & Boyne Island
Sunrise and sunset coax out the most spectacular colors in the ever present sky and seascape here
  • Swim at Tannum Sands safe, sandy beaches
  • Walk the Turtle Way along the Boyne river
  • Swim, sail and have a barbecue at Lake Awoonga
  • Sport at the Boyne Island/Tannum Sands Country Club (golf, bowls, tennis, etc.)
  • Enjoy a picnic at Canoe Point
  • Tour the Boyne Aluminum smelter
  • Fish from Tannum Sands beach or the banks of the Boyne river.
  • Play Indoor Bowls at the Tannum Sands Progress Hall
  • Shop at the Tannum Shopping Centre Markets on the first Saturday of each month
  • Explore Wild Cattle Creek at low tide
  • Enjoy the view from Peters Park at Tannum Sands and walk the stairs to the beach
  • Hire a pushbike and explore the areas numerous bike tracks
  • Hire a canoe and explore the waters around Wild Cattle Creek
  • Follow the walking tracks up to Lilly Hills and take in the view
  • Play Bingo at the Boyne Island/Tannum Sands Country Club
  • Visit Gladstone - a 20 kms drive via sealed highway
  • Walk down Memory Lane at Calliope River Historical Village
  • Visit the rainforest at Many Peaks "Kroombit Tops"
  • Kroombit: enjoy the fantastic views of Annie's Gorge
  • Kroombit: visit "Beautiful Betsy" crash site: WWII Liberator missing '45
  • Enjoy Cania Dam, Gorge and Recreation area"
  • Tour the Boyne River Valley
  • And much more!

Special Attractions : Lady Musgrave Island TOP
Lady Musgrave Island is a true island paradise: a large coral cay located at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. Abundant in pisonia forests and bird life the island sits upon 3000 acres of living reef with a deepwater coral lagoon that is unique to the entire barrier reef system. Turtles, manta rays and humpback whales are a few of the 100s of creatures commonly found in this living ecosystem.

Day cruises are offered by the Spirit of 1770 based in the town of 1770; typically all-inclusive with instruction, meals and basic equipment provided. (Remember to bring your own sea-sickness pills if needed, and sun block!) You will be travelling on the water for approximately 2 hours each way - normally in calm waters only. The vessel drops anchor in the lagoon for a day of swimming, sunning, snorkeling, and exploring the island. It adds to one unforgettable - and safe - experience!

For scuba diving, Gladstone's DEEP BLUE offers an excellent itinerary, including Heron Island, Masthead Island in the Capricorn Group, Polmaise Reef and Bindaree Wreck, now home to a very large selection of species. In addition they provide Introductory Scuba Dives, Dive Courses, Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Nitrox Diving and Snorkel training for the beginner. The complete dive outfit is also available for hire.... Mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, weight belt, BC, regulators and two tanks.

Also fun are Oceanrunners' "extreme adrenaline" trips around Bustard Bay and the 1770 area. You'll gear up with floatation vests and take off in a fast pontoon-type boat for some high speed adventure. Based in the town of 1770 the company also provides "eco river/ocean picnic rides" as well as Barrier Reef charters.

Photo Tour : Lake Awoomga Recreation TOP
Nearby Lake Awoonga is a large body of water and superb recreation area: the perfect 1 or 2 day outing. Start by exploring the well-marked and landscaped walking tracks, then enjoy a picnic with a lake view. Or you might prefer a day of sailing, canoeing, or skiing (w/permit). You can also hire Kayaks, catamarans and sail boards. BBQ facilities are provided and you pitch a tent - or hire a houseboat for the evening!

The protected lake surrounds are also habitat to a marvelous array of wildlife including numerous whip-tailed wallabies you'll find throughout the area. The lake is also a bird watcher's dream with over 144 species! Look for rare black-necked storks, cotton pygmy-geese, great crested grebes, squatter pigeons ... also varieties of Egrets, Sea Eagles, Terns and many other rare and beautiful creatures. Above all, be sure to bring your camera along!

Photo Tour : Lake Awoomga Fishing TOP
If you love to fish, it gets even better. Lake Awoomba is fully stocked with Barramundi with no closed season! Barramundi and Sea Mullet fingerlings are bred by the The Gladstone Port Authority and released here resulting in catches weighing up to 13kg by lucky anglers. Other catches include Saratoga, Garfish, Yellowbelly, Long Tom, Eels and Catfish.

You can pick up your fishing permit and maps from the Boat House, and you'll want to tag any out-of-season catches there at the end of the day.

Photo Tour : Discovery Coast TOP
The "Discovery Coast" stretches from Rules beach in the south to Agnes Water and 1770 in the North, and inland through Miriam Vale to the Many Peaks Range. It's an area steeped in history, natural beauty, and pleasant living conditions. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 30 Celsius or 60% humidity, and the sub-tropical winters are warm and sunny with an average of 280 days of sunshine each year.

Baffle creek and Rules beach. The large waterway meanders inland to Miriam Vale The coast beaches at 1770, Rules Beach and Agnes Water rank with the best in the country with safe and excellent swimming, surfing and board riding year 'round. The principle shire is Calliope and the town of Miriam Vale: a charmingly quaint vacation stop in its own rite.

In a community so committed to a clean environment and healthy ecosystem, the numerous national parks here come as no surprise. Castle Tower, Eurimbula, Deepwater, Mount Colosseum, Rodds Peninsula and Round Hill are all accessible by foot, 4wd or boat, however you will need a permit to camp. You can obtain these, along with maps and guides at the Visitor Information Centre in Miriam Vale. A useful guide/brochure is also offerred (free) which outlines a score of recommended bushwalking, wildlife and aquatic tours.

Photo Tour : Gladstone Coffee Cruise TOP
For those who take their adventure with cream and sugar, here is a fun and relaxing two hours aboard the Curtis Endeavour taking in the many different aspects of Gladstone Harbour. You'll discover the Harbour Islands, waterways and buzz of shipping activity throughout the harbour. Departing from the Ferry Services Terminal, northern end of Gladstone Marina at 10.30 am each Wednesday, the Coffee cruise includes morning tea and a kiosk also provides other refreshments.

The Curtis Endeavour also provides a return service to nearby Curtis Island, a protected natural haven known for excellent beaches and fishing. Here is yet another destination sure to delight anyone seeking natural beauty in the unspoilt Australian form!

Lady Muskgrave Island
Lake Awoomga Recreation
Lake Awoomga Fishing
The Discovery Coast
Gladstone Coffee Cruise